3 Common Plumbing Emergencies (And What to Do About Them)

3 Common Plumbing Emergencies (And What to Do About Them)

You don’t think about reading a plumbing and heating guide when you have a problem at home. While you know the problems won’t resolve themselves, you’re half-tempted to wait and see if they do. Sometimes, you just don’t have the time or patience to deal with the problems; unfortunately, plumbing emergencies can’t be ignored. They need to be dealt with quickly – but effectively – to ensure they’re usable. So, what 3 common plumbing emergencies cause the most trouble, and what can you do about them?

Overflow of Water Coming from the Faucets

It seems like such a small-scale problem; however, this can be a major plumbing emergency, and one that won’t go away on its own. So, the first thing you need to do is find your water valve and switch it off. This should prevent any further overflow of water. The overflow could be down to a number of things, so it could be somewhat easier to contact a professional plumber to resolve the issues. Remember, minor plumbing and heating issues can be just as severe as major ones. Overflow from the faucets is a headache you can do without.

A Blocked Toilet

There is nothing worse than a blocked toilet. When you go to flush, the water comes up and probably overflows across the floor. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, the water will come up to the top of the toilet seat and eventually recede. In some extreme cases, the water will spill over the top and flood the bathroom. Usually, there is a blockage not too far from the bottom of the toilet and can be easily unclogged with a plunger – or even your hand! Of course, read a plumbing and heating guide to see how to properly to unblock a toilet.

3 Common Plumbing Emergencies (And What to Do About Them)

If the block can’t be plunged, a professional plumber might be needed to remove a few pipes and clear them that way. Typically, this plumbing and heating emergency has a quick fix; at least it doesn’t usually create further issues once the blockage is removed. When you have a plunger at home, it’s worth giving it a try, nonetheless.

Backed-Up Drains or Sinks

You can read a plumbing and heating guide to try and work out why your kitchen or bathroom sink has started to back up, but it mightn’t pinpoint the actual problem. Sometimes, it’s minor and it’s down to a small blockage somewhere down the drainage pipe. With a quick plunge, the blockage is gone, and you’ve got your sink back again. Unfortunately, it could be a little more serious. You might experience sewage being backed up through your sinks. It’s not pleasant and must be dealt with quickly. When you start to notice the drains aren’t running away as they should call a plumber. The problem is likely to only get worse. Click here to read more about the Importance Of Getting a Plumbing Inspection Before Buying a New Home.

Never Let a Plumbing Emergency Get Worse

While you might not think a blocked toilet, backed-up drain, or overflowing faucet are emergencies, think again. These problems can create a heap of trouble for your home and if they aren’t dealt with immediately, could cause further issues. For instance, a backed-up drain could flood one area of the home or cause water damage. You might even experience mold. So, it’s crucial to deal with these plumbing and heating emergencies quickly to prevent more issues for your home.