3 Small Leaks That’ll Raise Your Water Bill

Plumbing and heating problems aren’t always obvious. Sometimes, they are less noticeable and only when the problem intensifies does it become apparent. It’s easy to ignore or miss the obvious plumbing issues. You may not know about them or just don’t think much of them to worry about. Unfortunately, even a small leak can create havoc for a household. Despite what you might think, small leaks can create a massive shift in your water bills. So, what are the top 3 leaks cause your water bills to rise, and what can you do to stop them?

Leaks to Be Watchful Of

There are several types of leaks you have to be careful of; however, the following tend to increase your water bills – despite them being fairly minor.

  1. A Leaky Showerhead
  2. A Leaky Toilet
  3. A Leaking Faucet

You wouldn’t think these three leaks would cause such a shift in your water bills; however, they are more problematic than you think. Remember, a showerhead that drips water all day long can run away with a few gallons over time. It’s the same with a leaking faucet and toilet. These are quite minor plumbing and heating leaks, but they create a huge problem. You could actually be running away hundreds of additional gallons of water each month if you had one of these issues. It’s entirely possible.

Carry Out the Necessary Repairs

Typically, leaking faucets are down to a worn-out seal and can be quite easily repaired at very little cost – and without a professional plumber too. You could get a few tips with a plumbing and heating guide and solve the problem. Of course, if you aren’t a DIY master or just aren’t sure how to repair the leak, it’s time to call in the professional. Sometimes, you can replace a faucet seal, but the leak continues. So, it is sometimes easier to have a professional plumber review the situation and resolve it effectively.

Act to Prevent Water Damage

It’s easy to believe a minor leak isn’t anything to worry about, especially when the problem is found quickly. Unfortunately, there can be a dozen different problems associated with a leak. For instance, the leak might have been there for several months rather than several weeks as you think. That could create the chance for mold to form. You also have the possibility of water damage to the ceiling, floor, or walls (depending on the location of the leak). Some plumbing and heating issues aren’t picked up for several weeks, if not longer, and that gives plenty of time for further damage to occur.

3 Small Leaks That’ll Raise Your Water Bill

It’s crucial to act before the problem gets worse. Whether you want to follow a plumbing and heating guide or call in a professional, the problem needs to be resolved fast. There are lots of issues that can arise from small leaks and can create additional costs to you too. Click here to read more about 3 Common Plumbing Emergencies (And What to Do About Them).

Small Leaks Big Headaches

There is no doubt how problematic small leaks can become. While most minor issues can be resolved quickly, they can spiral too. Small leaks have the potential to boost your water bills, not something you want. There are also repair costs to consider. Minor leaks can create cosmetic imperfections, not to mention issues with flooring. Plumbing and heating problems must be dealt with quickly to prevent further damage.

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